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Support our two leadership programs by being an LC Sponsor! Tuition only covers part of the cost of our programs and we are very fortunate to have a committed core of corporate sponsors and donors who make the journey possible for our Fellows & JLC Students. This year we have even more opportunities to get your business name out there and support the development of effective leaders in our community and for the future. Click on our Sponsorship Guide below to learn more about these opportunities!

Resource Articles

In order to lead a truly altruistic life, it’s important to take stock of your own mental health, as well as those around you. There are a ton of free resources and tactics you can use to check-in and improve your mental clarity.

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in all that we do helps us develop a more informed and inclusive picture for different causes and issues at hand.

When you open yourself up to actively listening, you’ll be surprised at how much you gain in return. Check out these tips to implement active listening into your lifestyle, as well as what you can take away in return!

LC alumni can be found working for many diverse employers and serve as board members and volunteers for many local nonprofit organizations. Our Alumni Committee has created a way for everyone to be able to connect, network, and continue their path of professional and personal development. We invite you to be a part of the LC Alumni Association (LCAA). 

LCAA Benefits Include:

  • Access to online Alumni Portal
  • Includes recordings of Ongoing Education Webinars & Nonprofit Trainings
  • Free admission to Nonprofit Trainings
  • Recognition in LC Annual Report & listed online as a member of LCAA 
  • Opportunity to be featured on Alumni Spotlight page on our website
  • Access to private LC Alumni Association Facebook group
  • Discounted Tickets to LC Signature Events