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Student Testimonials

"Junior Leadership Cumberland is an amazing opportunity for high school juniors that propels them forward in their future education and careers by establishing strong leadership and interpersonal skills while also establishing connections throughout Cumberland County."
- Colin Ingraham, JLC Class of 2024

"The Junior Leadership Program was a fabulous experience that helped me improve as a person and gave me many opportunities in my community. I was able to meet many successful community figures that helped me understand what I need to do to be the best version of myself and to reach my goals. Each session expanded on new traits that I can incorporate into my daily life to work for myself and for others. Everyday, I use something that I learned in the Junior Leadership Program. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for an experience that will help them reach their goals and that will give them skills for many years to come."
- Keely Reese, JLP Class of 2019


Parent Testimonial

“As a parent, I am thankful that my daughter had such a great opportunity available to her like the Junior Leadership Program. This program helps these future leaders develop so many soft skills that are hard to teach in the classroom. One of the biggest is that there are students from many different school districts and walks of life and on the first day they had to learn how to work together in groups with people they have never met and achieve a successful outcome. This skill will serve them well in both college and their future careers. The chance to visit different businesses and talk to a variety of professionals over the course of the program helps the students think about what their future career goals might look like. We feel very fortunate that our daughter had this experience and can list being a graduate of the Junior Leadership Program on her college applications!”

-Jennifer Baney, Mom to Jordan, JLP Graduate