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Fellows Program Curiculum

All sessions occur 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM on the third Thursday of each month, except for the mandatory retreat in September which includes an overnight on a Thursday and Friday. Locations vary around Cumberland County. Each session will feature a Positive Leadership Curriculum, relevant presentations by guest faculty; cohort interaction; discussion of Board Internships; and various elements of leadership. While respecting program outcomes specific topics, dates, and locations are subject to change.

The Leadership Cumberland program uses Positive Leadership Curriculum designed specifically for community leadership programs. Positive Leadership is about harnessing the potential energy when people come together – social force. Positive leaders take actions that evoke positive reactions. To enhance one’s social force we focus on seven capacities: authenticity, purpose, advocacy, resilience, community building, reason, and gratitude. These capacities are grounded in the field of research known as Positive Psychology. The curriculum provides a rich experience for participants to grow together through lively group discussion and personal.

2024-2025 Program Dates

September 19-20: 2-Day Overnight Orientation Retreat
Fellows spend their time creating a Cohort (Team Building), selecting their Board Internships, understanding their DiSC Personality Styles, and completing a High Tower Course.

October 17: Positive Leadership Introduction
Leadership is not a title or position. Community leaders often need to mobilize others without having authority over them.

October: Cumberland County Bus Tour

November 21: Authenticity
Authenticity is an in-depth process of self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-development, and self-assertions.

December 19: Purpose
Leaders must learn to discern and articulate their personal purpose as well as the moment-to-moment situational purposes that arise.

January 16: Advocacy
To effect change, leaders must make their case for a cause in a way that engages others in order to bring about needed results.

February 20: Resilience
Resilient leaders have the capacity to bounce back when things become challenging, allowing them to endure.

March 20: Community-Building
Leadership is not a solo sport. It's important to share progress and strengthen other community members' capacity for leadership.

April 17: Reason
Leaders align their personal views with the world as it really is, and increase their social force and ability to enhance the community.

May: Gettysburg Bus Tour
Leadership Lessons from the Gettysburg Battlefield

May 9: Gratitude/Graduation
Positive leaders recognize the truth that communities thrive based on the contribution of many. The capacity for acknowledging the efforts of others provides positivity and renewal. Fellows take part in their formal graduation ceremony.

*While respecting program outcomes, specific topics, dates, and locations are subject to change.