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  • Erica Frontino, 2020

    “I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of Leadership Cumberland this past year. The learning and knowledge that I have taken away from this program is life changing, not only professionally, but personally. I will treasure the memories, the relationships I made, and apply what I have learned throughout the rest of my life. Thank you LC2020 for this AMAZING experience! I would strongly encourage anyone to be part of this program if you get the opportunity.”
    Erica Frontino, 2020
    Shippensburg Area School District

  • Jacquie Walter Hower, 2020

    “What an incredible experience to be a part of Leadership Cumberland! I am so thankful for the friendships, leadership development and a better understanding of non profits and our county.”
    Jacquie Walter Hower, 2020
    Zimmerman's Automotive Service, Inc.

  • Melissa McGowan, 2020

    “I am so incredibly honored to have graduated from Leadership Cumberland and even more blessed to be a member of specifically the class of 2020. The connections and friendships I've made throughout the last 9-10 months are sure to last a lifetime, and the things we've all been through together have been monumental. A special thank you to our fearless leader, Nicole Deary, for all you did to keep us connected through all the ups and downs, you're one in a million!” 
    Melissa McGowan, 2020
    F&M Trust

  • Aileen Delicanna, 2019

    “Leadership Cumberland exceeded my expectations. I thought this is just one of the leadership training's I usually attend; listen and then leave. In the beginning, I was very nervous and anxious about going out of my comfort level. Now, I feel I have developed my confidence and enhanced more of my leadership skills.”
    Aileen Delicanna, 2019
    UPMC West Shore

  • Brooke Murphy, 2019

    “It was a great experience. It was very eye-opening to explore ’me’ and learn things about myself while revisiting what is important.”
    Brooke Murphy, 2019
    SEK, CPAs & Advisors

  • Maria Theodoratos, 2019

    “I absolutely loved Leadership Cumberland! It exceeded my expectations. I got to meet some amazing people along the way. I got out of my comfort zone many times which caused me to grow and really stop and think about the different topics discussed.”
    Maria Theodoratos, 2019
    First National Bank

  • Austin Wolfe, 2019

    “I entered with a good bit of skepticism about the program, as my employer was encouraging me to participate. I have developed a great deal since the beginning of the course. I feel like a different person—more engaged with my community, a better communicator, and equipped to build a stronger network and relationships.”
    Austin Wolfe, 2019
    Walters & Galloway

  • Taylor Griffiths, 2016

    "I had no idea what to expect going into the Leadership Cumberland program. The experience was truly engaging from the professional connections developed with peers to the monthly sessions we all attended. Leadership Cumberland also exposed us to so many great aspects of Cumberland County I never knew existed."
    Taylor Griffiths, 2016

  • Ashley Kurtz, 2016

    "Leadership Cumberland was an opportunity for me to network like I never had before. Through meeting, collaborating with, and learning from my peers, my professional network has expanded to not just my classmates, but their connections as well. Being in an environment where I was grouped with 20+ professionals that were roughly the same age as I, helped to accelerate friendships as we quickly found similarities in our professional and personal lives. It was also an opportunity to really explore our local community through the lens of the businesses that are here, and the people that work in those businesses, rather than reading a list of statistics."
    Ashley Kurtz, 2016
    CAEDC/Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau

  • Megan E. Peterson, 2016

    "Leadership Cumberland was an absolutely amazing experience. The content in the sessions was informative and challenging, and the connections I made both within the community and with members of my cohort have been incredibly valuable and rewarding."
    Megan E. Peterson, 2016
    Central Penn College

  • Kellan Lowe, 2016

    "Leadership Cumberland was a wonderful program and was a great way to deepen my connection to the Cumberland County area. I was able to learn so much about the history of our area, the complex issues facing our region in regards to education, workforce development, and economic outlook, and to network with business leaders from a variety of fields. LC was a great experience, and I’d strongly recommend it for all existing and future leaders within our community."
    Kellan Lowe, 2016
    Volvo Construction Equipment

  • Susan Drummer, 2015

    "The experience was more than I anticipated. The learning, friends, networking that came from the class was invaluable. The speakers provided information I could use in both my career and personal life. This was an opportunity that I am happy I was able to be a part of."
    Susan Drummer, 2015
    American Mint

  • Reed VanDerlyke, 2014

    "Leadership Cumberland has played a key role in both my personal and professional development. The learning and networking opportunities continue long after completion of the program."
    Reed VanDerlyke, 2014
    Gannon & Associates

  • Mike Wilson, 2012

    "Leadership Cumberland was a first-class experience. While the curriculum and the program provide for a solid core, the relationships one is able to develop with Cumberland County movers and shakers simply cannot be matched. I entered the program knowing none of the other fellows - but left with very close friends and excellent business relationships. The Leadership Cumberland program is worth its weight in gold."
    Mike Wilson, 2012
    Members 1st Federal Credit Union