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Leadership Cumberland Fellow Scholarship Application

Leadership Cumberland has $2,350 in scholarship money that will be awarded to a small (defined as 20 or fewer employees) for-profit or nonprofit business.

This could be one full scholarship or several partial scholarships. The general selection criteria are: relevance of work responsibilities, current and past community service, leadership and professional goals and personal/organizational financial need.

All LC scholarship applications are due by April 9, 2021. 

Write a statement addressing the following (in text box below our by uploading a PDF):

1.    Tell us about your leadership/career goals and how the LC experience would help you attain them.

2.    Describe the circumstances regarding financial need for your employer and/or you.

3.    How much assistance are you requesting? (Tuition is $2,350.) 

4.    How will the remaining balance be paid?  Through your employer or you?  Payment plans are possible.  

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NOTE: Along with this scholarship application, you will need to complete an official Leadership Cumberland application for review and approval.  

 I certify that the above information is accurate and agree to abide by all provisions of this award.