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Leadership Cumberland 2022-2023 Fellows Application

The tuition cost of one fellow is $2,550 and includes all learning materials, orientation, a mandatory overnight retreat, educational bus trip(s), and 8 class sessions totaling over 100 hours of educational content. Course experiences and offerings will be dependent on current climates.

If the cost of tuition is what is holding you back from participating in our program, we have a few different options available to help listed on the application below. Some of our sponsors generously supply scholarship opportunities either covering the full amount of tuition or a large portion. We also have personalized payment plans available to spread out the tuition cost over a selected period.

All applications are due by May 27, 2022.

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SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST - Leadership Cumberland has $6,000 in scholarship money that will be awarded to small (defined as 20 or fewer employees) for-profit or nonprofit businesses. This could be two full scholarships or several partial scholarships.

Write a statement addressing the following:

1. Describe the circumstances regarding financial need for your employer and/or you.
2. How much assistance are you requesting? (Tuition is $2,550)  
3. How will the remaining balance be paid? Through your employer or you? Payment plans are possible and can be requested above. 

All applications are subject to confidential evaluation. If you are not selected to participate in this year’s Leadership Cumberland class, your application can be retained by the curriculum committee at your request for consideration for later enrollment. 

All applicants will be notified of acceptance status no later than June 24, 2022. 

Tuition Payment: Due to fixed costs, full payment of tuition is expected by August 31, 2022 and is not refundable. Fellows utilizing an approved payment plan who are unable to finish the class are to fulfill their tuition in total; they may also recommend a substitute or defer participation. Any exceptions require board approval. 

Acceptance Policy: Should applications exceed openings, final selection of qualified Fellows will be based on the desire to create a class with diverse backgrounds, skills, and knowledge. Decisions will utilize identified criteria and standards. “Wait listed” candidates will be offered early admission the following year.