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Nonprofit Organizations Invited to Apply for Leadership Cumberland Community Engagement Project

Cumberland County, PA – Area nonprofit organizations are invited to submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) to Leadership Cumberland for implementation as a Community Engagement Project.  Leadership Cumberland will select several projects to be completed by LC fellows in an six month period(October-May) during the 2019-20 program year.

For nonprofit originations, this invitation to submit an RFP presents an opportunity to use the services of talented professionals from a variety of occupations and backgrounds.  The teams can assist with projects that area nonprofits lack the resources and/or manpower to accomplish. Simultaneously, you can expose a group of established and emerging community leaders to your organization`s mission and goals.  The experience is meant to be mutually beneficial for both the agency and these emerging leaders.

Leadership Cumberland believes projects completed in this way will have a greater impact on the community and will directly fulfill a needs that have been identified by area nonprofits.

Projects should have a reasonable scope and will not be accepted if they include any fundraising or physical labor(painting, gardening, etc.).